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Golden summer


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May-October 2024, Laško

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Branko Kunšek, natakar

People of Laško

#myLaško is as long-lasting as my gingerbreads.
Discover #myLaško.

Branko Kunšek, waiter
Tatjana Šolar, Čebelarstvo, lectarstvo in apiturizem Šolar

People of Laško

#myLaško is as long-lasting as my gingerbreads.
Discover #myLaško.

Tatjana Šolar, beekeeper and baker
Matjaž Guček, pivovar

People of Laško

#myLaško tastes of beer, dance and love.
Welcome to #myLaško.

Matjaž Guček, brewer
Barbara Penič

People of Laško

#myLaško contains all the colours of the rainbow.
Embrace #myLaško.

Barbara Penič, craft maker and tourist guide
Potica in štruklji s pregreto smetano

Welcome in the region of exquisite cuisine

Laško tastes like the typical local browned cream, which gets its famous character in a wood-fired oven. Laško is as healthy as the honey collected by bees in the spa parks. Laško is light but rich as its beer. It tastes like wild and cultivated herbs. It surprises with flavours, which you will wish to take with you. No need to worry! We will share a recipe with you so you can bring #myLaško to your home.

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Laško - green destination in Slovenia

Visiting a green destination is a great responsibility. Laško has obtained the Slovenia Green Platinum label. Learn about Laško and its tradition. Get to know it before you visit.

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