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Laško is a disabled-friendly area that gained the 2013 European Destination of Excellence title in accessible tourism and has been a proud host of international para sports events. It creates accessible routes for people with physical and other disabilities as well as baby strollers - everyone who desires a safe journey. It offers accessible accommodation facilities, restaurants, spa centres, medical centre, library and other institutions. From arrival to diverse experiences Laško proves to be a destination for everyone #myLaško.


The brand new Laško train station offers safe access to people with disabilities and wheelchair users. The Spa trail that follows the left and right bank of Savinja river is also adapted to their needs and conveniently connects the Wellness Centre with the old town centre via a spa park. Some town areas also have tactile floor markings for blind and visually impaired visitors.


Thermana Laško and Rimske Terme are one of Laško’s most famous and popular accessible destinations with therapeutic facilities, pools as well as a thermal water drinking fountains. They are both wheelchair friendly facilities that also allow the stay of assistance dogs. In addition, Thermana Laško provides portable induction loops for guests that suffer from hearing impairment.

Thermana Laško is a certified disabled-friendly company. Its Zdravilišče Laško hotel is designed without architectonic obstacles and provides the physically impaired guests with complete access to the hotel restaurant, cafe, medical centre, physiotherapy, pools, wellness and the facility’s  55 disabled-friendly rooms. The perfect comfort is also offered in Hotel Thermana Park with its 10 disabled-friendly rooms.

Hotel Zdravilišče Laško****

Thermana Laško d. d.

Zdraviliška cesta 4, 3270 Laško

T: 03 734 51 11


Hotel Thermana Park Laško****Superior

Thermana Laško d.d.

Zdraviliška cesta 6, 3270 Laško

T: 03 734 89 00



Rimske Terme’s Zdraviliški Dvor hotel offers 3 two-bed and 1 single-bed disabled-friendly rooms and hotel gym.

Hotel Zdraviliški dvor****

Rimske terme d. o. o.

Toplice 10, 3272 Rimske Toplice

T: 03 574 20 00


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Authentic cousin, local dishes and beverages are available in wheelchair friendly restaurants. The disabled-friendly establishments besides Thermana Laško’s hotel restaurants and cafes and Rimske Terme include Pavus restaurant in Tabor castle, Špica pizzeria, Čater restaurant, Vila Monet cafe, Aqua Roma’s outdoor swimming pool complex in Rimske Toplice and Marof’s fishing home in Gračnica valley.

Pavus, Grad Tabor Laško

Marko Pavčnik, s.p.,

Cesta na Svetino 23, 3270 Laško

T: 036200723

M: 031 634 619


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Gostišče Čater

Sabina Čater s. p.

Marija Gradec 34, 3270 Laško

T: 03 734 06 80


Kako do nas >

Pizzerija Špica

Jotas d.o.o.

Trg svobode 7, 3270 Laško

T: 03 734 33 30


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Vila Monet****

Savinjsko nabrežje 4, 3270 Laško

T: 03 82 05 07 51

T: 03 82 05 07 58

M: 041 435 902


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Aqua Roma Rimske Toplice

AGM Nemec d. o. o.

Toplice 2, 3272 Rimske Toplice

T: 03 573 68 50


Ribiški dom na Marofu

Mrzlo polje, 3273 Jurklošter

M: 051 458 933 ali 031 236 019

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Many of Laško’s day trips and tours are disabled-friendly. Discover the old town centre on accessible routes snd follow the Spa trail to the park with energy points, honey-bearing plants and Senior outdoor recreation facilities.

One of the special experiences accessible to the physically impaired is an exhilarating adventure in which you will search the old town centre for a hidden treasure.

Escape Room Enigmarium

Valvasorjev trg 1, Laško

T: 051 35 54 17


In the countryside everyone will be able to visit Šolar beekeeping and Aškerc homestead.

For more information on individual tours visit TIC Laško, which is also accessible for wheelchair users.

Aškerčeva domačija, Avgust Aškerc,

Senožete 1, 3272 Rimske Toplice,

T: 03 573 62 98

Čebelarstvo, lectarstvo in apiturizem Šolar

Strmca 81 a, 3270 Laško

T: 03 573 16 36

M: 040 759 357


FB: Čebelarstvo, lectarstvo in apiturizem Šolar

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For more information on individual tour accessibility visit TIC Laško.


Laško has hosted the international Slovenia Open para table tennis tournament since 2004. In 2018 it has also hosted the SPINT 2018 world para table tennis championship. The Tri Lilije sports hall and Thermana Laško provide first-class preparation, training and tournament service and facilities.

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