Brewing tradition

The Laško Brewery Tour where visitors see and learn about brewing procedures is complemented by a visit to the museum and a beer tasting including salty pastry in one of the town bars. When you are in Laško, you should definitely experience the famous brewing tradition.

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An afternoon with a poet

The literary and ethnological collection at the homestead in Senožete presents the life and work of the greatest Slovenian ballad poet Anton Aškerc. The more than 500 years old house with a black kitchen, thatched granary and a “toplar” hayrack is an integral part of the ethnological and construction heritage.

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Unlock Laško

Did you know that Laško is not only a town of beer and hot thermal springs? In the old town center, there may be a medieval treasure hidden which was lost a long time ago. During this engaging outside adventure game, you will learn about the legend of the parish priest “Divji farovž” and have a great time in good company.

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Escape Room

In the house where the first mug of Laško beer was brewed awaits a secret room full of riddles which the old brewmaster used to protect his most valuable treasure. Will you crack the codes, find hidden tips, unriddle mysteries and uncover the secret – and find the way out of one of the most engaging rooms in the world in just an hour?

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Beer and Flowers Festival

The Beer and Flowers festival was first organized in 1964. You can organize it as well: today and your way. Let it be your own special experience.

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Theatre evening

Enrich your evening with culture and visit a theatre play, stand-up or concert. We offer a perfectly equipped hall with technical staff and hostesses. We are happy to help you select the artist and the programme.



We prepare diverse gifts for participants which will remind you of Laško back home.

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