Monastery, garden and wild herbal heritage

In the mysterious Gračnica valley, the Jurklošter Carhusian monastery monks have used herbs for improving flavour, health and wellbeing since the 12th century. Their knowledge and wisdom is being kept alive by locals that know how to forage green meadows for wild herbs. The signature smells, flavours and health benefits of herbs in the Laško are can be combined with herbal allotment experiences. What herb does #myLaško smell of?

Jurklošter’s Sources of Health

The tea of the travelling monk an the Elixir for long life are only two of the signature herbal goods made following original Carthusian recipes. They’re combines with other herbal products in the Jurklošter’s Sources of Health brand, that is available at TIC Laško and other selected herbal providers.

TIC Laško


Herbal Garden Experiences

At Laško and its surroundings, natural herbs and spices were used by the ancient Celts. Their secrets were discovered and depended by the monks of the Jurklošter Carthusian monastery with its multiple herb allotments where you can discover herbalism through events and workshops.

At Plahtica farm near Blatni Vrh pri Jurkloštru, close to the Orion’s trail, you can meditate in an unique Celtic circle. At PermaMama estate above Rimske Toplice you will find out about permaculture and sustainable herbalism.


Ekološka Zeliščna kmetija Plahtica

Blatni vrh 39, 3273 Jurklošter

  031 342 809


Ines Drame s.p.

Strensko 18, 3272 Rimske toplice

  041 727 017

Herbal Wellness

Local herbs are part of therapies, treatments, cuisine and additional experiences in both Thermana Laško and Rimske Terme. Experience massage with warm herbs, find herbal souvenirs in dedicated shops and start your days with a home-made local herbal tea.

Thermana Laško

Rimske terme

In search of foraging, craft and agritourism farm experiences

The smell of healthful herbs, crafts and experiences can also be found at other providers.

Herbal salts

Virin, nabiranje, pridelava in predelava zelišč,

Jelka Rode,

Trsteniška 4, 3272 Rimske Toplice

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