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The squares and medieval buildings of the spa and beer making city tell great stories. Nearby churches and chapels offer spectacular views of the countryside and mining sites. The monastery in the hidden Gračnica Valley surprises with star gazing opportunities and ancient Celtic beliefs. Find the inspirations for your own life’s story in #myLaško.


After a half-hour walk from Laško to Hum hill, at the edge of the rocky hillside, you will find the Wild Vicarage (Divji farovž) - a stone cavity with a majestic natural opening. The legend says that this is the place where an innocent young man will encounter the cursed vicar’s daughter - vicarage’s fair lady, on midsummer’s night. If he’ll manage to answer all of her questions, he’ll not only win her but also her treasure!

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The majestic pyramid-shaped Hum hill above Laško is the scene of many stories and legends. Besides its natural beauty it also holds a fabled vicarage’s fair lady’s treasure.

At a place that is now a stone cavity, called Wild Vicarage (Divji farovž), was once, at a time when priests were allowed to marry, a home of a vicar and his beautiful daughter.

While she was growing up her father was decreed to a life of celibate, which he refused and moved to a hunter’s cabin on Hum hill with his wife and daughter. The new vicar isolated him from the locals and his homestead, now named the Wild Vicarage, allowed him to hunt in the forests surrounding Laško and Celje as his only source of survival.

Once upon a time the fair lady’s beauty tempted a wild hunter. He promised three tubs of gold to the vicar if he can marry his daughter. Almost tempted by the fortune that was waiting outside his door, he was stopped by his daughter and wanted to swiftly cancel the arrangement. In his anger, the devilish suitor picked up his heavy ax and hit the front door of the house so hard that the ground beneath him split and swallowed the Wild Vicarage whole, including the fair lady and the hunter’s treasure.

Vicarage’s fair lady and her treasure are now awaiting for a young man to break her curse. It is said that this can only happen every  one-hundred years on the midsummer’s night. No one knows which night will reveal the shine of the treasure. So far no innocent young man sitting on a moss seat managed to answer all of fair lady’s questions, that day is surely yet to come!


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