From beekeeper encounters to honeyed wellness

Slovenia is a land of beekeeping at who’s proposal the UN declared the 20th of May as the World Bee Day. Laško is one of the areas with the longest beekeeping tradition that saw a continuous increase in honey products as well as opportunities for additional experiences. Find out why Laško is a bee-friendly municipality at selected points of interest. Let the honeyed treats be part of your experience #myLaško.

Introduction to honey-bearing plants

The life of bees is inseparable from honey-bearing plants. At the garden of honey-bearing plants near Zdravilišče Laško you will find blossoming flowers all year long, frequently visited by bees. Guided tours are also offered if you would like to find out more about Slovenia’s indigenous bee species, Apis mellifera carnica.

Information on guided tours


Experience Beekeeping

Beekeepers in the Laško area offer tours and tastings as well as sell home-made honey products. Guest will be enchanted by painted beehive panels, gingerbread making and decorating demonstrations, honey pouring and purchase of local honey varieties, pollen, propolis, mead and  wax products. Guided beekeeping tours are organised by TIC Laško.

Čebelarstvo Blagotinšek

Jože Blagotinšek

Jagoče 13c, 3270 Laško

  03 734 02 50

Čebelarstvo, lecarstvo in apiturizem Šolar

Strmca 81 a, 3270 Laško

  03 573 16 36 in 040 759 357

Facebook: Čebelarstvo, lectarstvo in apiturizem Šolar

Honeyed self-indulgence

In Thermana Laško, honey is included in facial and body care programmes, as well as saunas, baths and massages. Honey treatments help you to detoxicate, relax and strengthen your immune system. At Rimske Terme, you can experience the benefits of honey through honey and milk Cleopatra’s rituals.

Both wellness centres incorporate honey in their culinary offers.

Thermana Laško

Rimske terme

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