Warmed cream – local dairy speciality

When fresh milk, poured in ceramic bowls called latvica, thickens into a cream, it’s time to fire the wood over. Its heat warms the white delicacy and turns it into golden brown base for Laško’s culinary specialities. Taste it in expertly prepared dishes that respect the local culinary heritage. Discover the taste of #myLaško.

Castle exclusivity with warmed cream

At Pavus restaurant in Tabor castle chef Marko Pavčnik combines warmed cream with štrukej, a Slovenian speciality, and serves it with venison ragu, ravioli enriched with mushroom ice cream and žličniki dumplings that complement seasonal flavours from his creative kitchen filled with exquisite local ingredients.


Pavus, Grad Tabor Laško

Marko Pavčnik, s.p.,

Cesta na Svetino 23, 3270 Laško

  +386 3 620 07 23 in +386 31 634 619



Traditionally warmed in tried and tested restaurants

Slovenia is European gastronomic region of 2021. Among its signature dishes we can find potica cake, štrukelj and other flat cakes. Laško’s cuisine includes potica cake and flat cake with warmed cream, an ingredient in traditional štrukelj, that is made in ceramic pots and served with local fruit. Similar local dishes can be ordered in Bezgovšek and Čater restaurant.

Gostilna Bezgovšek

Bezgovšek Denis s. p.

Trubarjevo nabrežje 31, 3270 Laško

  +386 3 573 17 04 in +386 40 16 44 55 ali +386 31 391 193




Gostišče Čater

Sabina Čater s. p.

Marija Gradec 34, 3270 Laško

  +386 3 734 06 80



In company of honey, herbs and forest produce

Warmed cream is commonly paired with fruit, herbs and forest produce. At Špica pizzeria you can order chestnut gnocchi with warmed cream and sage while Zdravilišče Laško cafe and Hotel Wellness Park Laško cafe serve honey pie with warmed cream, a guest favourite! Try it for yourself!


Thermana d. d.

Zdraviliška cesta 4/6, 3270 Laško

  +386 3 734 51 90, +386 3 423 2023




Pizzerija Špica

Jože Sadar s.p.

Trg svobode 7, 3270 Laško

  +386 3 734 33 30



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