Apples that are best when drunk

Rather than vineyards, the sunny hills of Laško are are filled with ancient orchards containing elsewhere forgotten apple and other fruit varieties. Traditional meadow orchards that define the landscape are accompanied by modern, eco versions that produce apple juice, vinegar, wine, cider and brandy. Raise your glasses to your #myLaško experience!

Apple juice and vinegar

There are multiple eco-farm in the Laško are that produce apple juice with a signature tall-trunk apple tree meadow orchard taste. Its production is commonly accompanied by the making of apple vinegar that is sometimes enriched with selected herbs.

Ekološka kmetija Razboršek

Strmca 79, 3270 Laško

  03 573 22 76

Kmetija Rožej

Turje 49, 1431 Dol pri Hrastniku

  03 564 87 46

Ekološka Zeliščna kmetija Plahtica

Blatni vrh 39, 3273 Jurklošter

  031 342 809

Apple wine and cider

Local use sour apples to produce apple wine that you can test during you countryside explorations. It’s relative, apple cider from selected succulent tat apples is being produced and sold by Pivovarna Laško Union.


Spirits from selected fruits

Old fruit varieties are being used to produce high quality spirits such as plum and pear brandy.

Žganjekuha Kneja – Matjaž Pikl s.p.

Matjaž Pikl, Šmohor 15a, 3270 Laško

  041 794 006

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