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Spring in Laško

Spring is the time for new experiences. The awakening nature and warmer days are perfect for relaxing, trips in nature, or taking a shorter break.

Come to Laško! You can be a part of an enjoyable and fun family experience or romantic couple days. Enjoy the diverse experience, for they are simply the best.

Top 5 spring experiences

1 Enjoy among the thermal springs

Treat yourself in unforgettable thermal experiences under the glass dome of Thermana Laško, where numerous water activities are available for children and relaxing wellness programs for parents. Surrender to the Roman traditions and rejuvenate your life energy at the highest level of comfort in Rimske terme. Your thermal pampering begins  in Laško!

2 Explore the trails of Green Laško

Discover the magic of spring nature and rich heritage on the most beautiful hiking and cycling routes in Laško. Find interesting viewpoints, admire the wind harp above the town, and take the time to discover hidden corners!

3 Become a honey brewer

Experience the joy of tasting the best beer, honey and local delicacies. A bee will guide you on a tour from the thermal water springs to the legendary beer, from the delicious treats from a top JRE chef Marko Pavčnik (Pavus Restaurant) to honey delicacies. Become a honey brewer and create your own bittersweet potions!

4 Find the Brewmaster’s Gold

Experience an adventure game for all your senses in the world’s first brewery-themed escape room! Unlock the door to the Brewmaster’s Gold. Search for hidden clues, solve puzzles and find your way out before the clock runs out!

5 Taste Laško

Create some delicious memories! Visit our local catering providers, explore the Laško delicacies and spoil your taste buds. Do not miss the delicacies that carry the Taste Laško collective trademark.

Feel the pulse of spring events

Cultural and tourist events

Participating in events can be a great way to explore the cultural and entertaining side of Laško. Check out our social events calendar, where you will find a wide range of cultural, traditional and other enjoyable events.

Creative and culinary workshops

Unique culinary and creative workshops take place in a renovated 18th-century old house. where you can explore the secrets of flavors and try your hand at creating unique artworks. Join us in a pleasant atmosphere, where you can relax, learn new skills, and have fun.

Hiking Laško Trails

Join the tradition of guided hikes along the thematic hiking trails of Laško, where you can discover hidden corners of the surrounding areas, listen to stories and attractions of the rich cultural heritage, and enjoy walking in nature.

Choose your ideal accommodation

From the wide selection of accommodation capacities, choose the one that is the best suited for you, your partner or your family. Enrich your holiday with green and stay the night at a green accommodation. No matter what you choose, you will be warmly welcomed by our friendly locals!

Hospitable Laško

Every day is a new experience. Visit museums, tourist providers and other interesting points in Laško. Find inspiration, plan a trip and enjoy!

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Laško is a proud owner of the platinum Slovenia Green label and a systematic developer of sustainable tourism. We respect the protected areas of nature, encourage the use of public transport, maintain and mend hiking and biking trails, give true value to local characteristics and unite the products of our local providers under the Taste Laško collective trademark. Laško is a proud supporter of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET). Moreover, we encourage our guests to respect our sustainable endeavours.

Discover green Laško

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