At the confuence of healing waters

Laško area possesses illustrious thermal springs, mountain drinking water springs, Savinja river and its inflows, most notably Gračnica. The waters of Laško are a source for exceptional experiences, legendary stories and signature flavours. Taste the healing water and list it as one of your top experiences #myLaško

The unique Laško Thermal Water

Besides the spa and wellness experiences enjoy a sip of the healing thermal water. Both spas have purpose build water dispensers.

The water that is the basis of Laško Wellness Centre originates from 160 meters below surface and has between 32 and 35 °C. One litre contains from 278 to 295 milligrams of dissolved minerals.

The thermal water at Rimske terme originates from an astonishing depth of over thousand meters. It surfaces with a speed of 22.3 litres per second and a constant temperature of 39 °C.

Drinking thermal waters helps to detox the body and has positive effect on the balance between body and soul. At Rimske Terme they also use it when making home-made cookies.

Thermana Laško

Rimske terme

Drinking Spring water

When in Laško feel safe to drink the clean tap water that originates from pristine reservoirs in untouched nature. The same water also serves as the basis of Laško beer.


Blessed spring and other water stories

Locals use springs that are believed to posses mystical powers. One of them is named the Blessed Spring and is situated under Hum hill next to a chapel.

Laško app

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