Potica with browned cream


Potica, especially with walnut filling, is a symbol of Slovenian cuisine. Potica with browned cream is a traditional delicacy from Laško! Yeast dough is filled with a mixture of egg yolks and cream, baked in the oven until it gets golden yellow. It takes 12 litres of milk to make just one kilogramme of browned cream! Milk is boiled thoroughly and left to chill, and then the top layer of cream is skimmed, torn into small pieces and browned for three hours. During the process it is mixed several times to ensure that it browns evenly and becomes slightly caramelised.

Laško housekeepers also make a bread potica – dough filled with sliced bread rolls and browned cream. It is made on farms, such as the Kozmus and Pr’ Primož Farm.