A beer trio


Let the diversity of beer flavours remind you of the legendary brewery hometown. Try the excellent beer at home!

You can buy a gift box with three different kinds of beer, beer mugs and glasses with the Laško brewery logotype.

Honey, honey biscuits and gingerbread


Let the traditional honey biscuits, gingerbread hearts, honey and honey products remind you of the town of the beekeepers, the bees and the honey.

From the local beekeepers, at the organic farmers’ market and at various events, you can find typical culinary souvenirs, made with honey and traditional knowledge of gingerbread making.

Herbal tea and spice mixtures


Let the flavours and scents of the aromatic herbs in various forms remind you of the region where the Carthusian monks spread their knowledge.

Bring home the scent of herbs which still grow in the unspoilt nature of Laško. Bring home the tea mixtures, herbal salts and other products made by local herbalists. Enjoy the travelling monk’s tea at your home. Give your loved ones the long-life elixir.

Brandies and liqueurs


Let the traditional brandies and liqueurs remind you of the hills covered with meadow orchards and blooming meadows. Make a toast to your next visit to Laško!

Buy special products, such as apple brandy with the scent of the Šmohor linden trees, honey liqueur or a liqueur with no less than 52 herbs! They are made with the respect of the traditional process of distillation and with renovated old house recipes.

Chocolates full of good memories


Let the chocolate with beer, honey and pollen and with the most beautiful images of Laško remind you of important details.

Delicious chocolate makes it easier to leave a town where you would like to stay just a little bit longer. Good chocolate might inspire your friends and family to join you on your next visit to Laško.