Risen the Laško way


Laško prides itself not only on the famous potica with browned cream, but also on other types of potica, homemade bread, prsjača flatbread pork cracklings, poprtnik Christmas bread, wedding bread, monk loafs, doughnuts and much more!

Together with a rich ethnological heritage, Laško has preserved holiday dishes which are different at every occasion: may it be Carnival, St Martin’s day or weddings. Decorated wedding bread and poprtnik Christmas bread are delicacies of the Taste Laško label. You can try ocvirkovka – potica with pork cracklings, which was a common dish for wine holidays. Some housewives still make bread in a wood-fired oven. On the farms, they knead dough in an old-fashioned way, just the way our grandmas did it. You will find dishes with yeast dough, pasta made with homemade spelt flour and homegrown eggs and diverse pastries.

Carefully produced


Baskets of various vegetables, homegrown garlic braids, apple crates or bowls of fresh picked strawberries from Laško farms make their way to excellent kitchens and to consumers’ homes.

Fruits and vegetables, grown in the intact nature and often with certified organic methods, are an indispensable part of the Laško cuisine. Catering establishments in the region also swear by food grown on local farms. The locals get supplies of homegrown food on the farms and on the Laško organic farmer’s market. Fruits are used in delicious jams, vinegars and other products.

In harmony with the bees


Laško is a bee-friendly municipality. Laško beekeepers enrich the gastronomic offer of the region with honey, pollen and other honey produce and products.

Many beekeepers can tell you about the heritage of beekeeping and offer you certified high-quality honey. In the region which is known for spas and modern approaches to well-being, you can also experience apitherapy.

Excellent fish and meat


On the tables in restaurants or homes, you will often find fish from the local fish farms and veal from highland farms.

In fish farm tanks with high-quality water, just the right size trout grow, which you can try in fresh prepared dishes or as smoked delicacies and spreads. Meat products made of veal by the Laško Agricultural Cooperative bear the Selected Quality – Slovenia designation.

The luxury of milk


Browned cream and products from the Laško area farms, such as homemade cheese, yoghurts, curd cheese butter and the excellent hay milk are brought together under the Taste Laško brand.

Browned cream as well as sweet curd cheese are made following the traditional recipes of Laško. Authentic dairy products from Laško pride themselves not only with the Laško certificate but also with various quality awards.

From the pot stills near the orchards


Plum, pear and apple brandy, herbal and juniper brandy and herbal liqueurs are the best addition to Laško dishes.

On the hills surrounding Laško, old apple, pear and plum trees spread their treetops, and on the pastures and in herb gardens herbs grow, which were a long time ago used by the monks from Jurklošter for making brandy. Master distillers even know how to combine fruits with the flowers from ancient linden trees and berries from the juniper plants.

From the nature and herb gardens


The brand known as Jurkloštrski izviri zdravja (Jurklošter Sources of Health) encompasses products inspired by the wisdom of Carthusian monks and a wide range of herbs, used in tea and spice mixtures. They all ensure good health and well-being.

Laško has been a place of herbal knowledge since time immemorial. Traditions which date back to the Celtic times and are inseparably connected with the Jurklošter Carthusian monastery, are preserved by herbalists who can still find the true sources of health on the abundantly flowering meadows and on their own herbal gardens, which are often a place of special experiences.