Laško is a place of personal stories shared by the locals with visitors that come in order to experience authentic encounters with what we have to offer. Our blog is written by the people that know these extremely well and re-create them every single day.

We love to share what we know best! We love to show what we possess. We love to answer your queries. We love to have our doors wide open. We love to write stories that invite you to visit us in person.

Our blog is open to anyone that ever felt at home here and enjoyed it in their own unique way. Tell current and future inhabitants and visitors what #myLaško means to you!

What it your favourite thing about Laško? What surprises you? Which events are most meaningful to you? Does Laško’s scene inspire you to be creative? What did you experience here? What would you share with your family and friends when reminiscing about your life or holiday in our city?

Tell us. Allow us to publish your story.


In order to participate write us at or call +386 3 733 89 50.