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Laško Golden Getaway

Laško is the birthplace of liquid gold. Here, the golden acro-thermal waters, fresh beer and sweet honey flow in abundance. Welcome to the green Slovenia and its treasures of health.

After the sunrays turn our surrounding hills golden, when the pools of Thermana Laško and Rimske Terme start to glow, then the magic happens. It’s as if the nature’s fairies are protecting our exquisite natural treasures. What’s more, Laško is one of the greenest towns of Slovenia and a platinum Slovenia Green Destination label carrier.

Pogled na grad Tabor Laško

Golden waters and trails

One of our town’s greatest treasures are the golden springs. What’s more, the acro-thermal water is located about 1000 m below the surface. The water itself contains numerous beneficial minerals and substances. Even the ancient Romans knew about our golden waters. They enjoyed their effects and various benefits, followed by royals. In Rimske Terme, you can still drink from historical springs or bathe in thermal baths, just like princess Victoria, Napoleon’s sister did. In Thermana Laško, pour yourself a glass of water that is full of beneficial minerals, have fun with your family under the glass dome or surrender to the golden hands of their therapists.

Thermana laško in Rimske terme

At the BION institute in Switzerland, they confirmed that Laško springs contain crystals with extremely even shapes, emitting tons of positive energy. Above the Savinja river, there are mysterious hills and golden trails that mirror the Orion constellation.

Zlatolaska v Rimskih termah

Golden people and tastes

Laško is full of golden people. We are incredibly connected as a community. We help co-create the Laško Beer and Flowers Festival, one of the oldest events in Slovenia. In Laško, you will find everything. From golden beer to sweet honey, both dependent on clean water and air. The residents of Laško have been combining their environmental forces for years, for Laško received the gold Slovenia Green Destination label. This year, we received another extraordinary accomplishment, a platinum Slovenia Green Destination label.

When the morning and evening sunrays flood the landscape, water and glasses start to glow. Moreover, the pleasant aromas from the plates of our famous chefs start to spread everywhere. Have you tried our culinary specialties with golden warmed cream, honey desserts and Marko Pavčnik’s awarded culinary masterpieces yet? Experience our hospitality and authentic tastes. Enjoy life and our golden delicacies. Explore our golden trails that will lead you through the enchanting natural treasures.

Veduta Zlato Laško

Laško is a proud owner of the platinum Slovenia Green label and a systematic developer of sustainable tourism. We respect the protected areas of nature, encourage the use of public transport, maintain and mend hiking and biking trails, give true value to local characteristics and unite the products of our local providers under the Taste Laško collective trademark. Laško is a proud supporter of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET). Moreover, we encourage our guests to respect our sustainable endeavours.

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