B3 – Aškerc trail

The trail named after the Slovenia’s most famous ballad poet, Anton Aškerc, leads to his childhood and adult home. Here you will will find Roman, Turkish invasion and witch trials artefacts. The ethnologic and literary heritage is presented by the Aškerc homestead.

Aškerc homestead, Zidani Most

9,3 km

321 m

2–3 h

Type: thematic touristic trail

Level of difficulty: high

Lowest point: 216 m

Highest point: 537 m

Start: Zidani Most (train station) or Rimske Toplice (spa park entrance)

Route: Širje, Brezno, Veliko Širje, Straže, Lukovica, Senožete and Aškerc homestead

Tip: Leave your car at the Rimske Toplice carpark, catch a train to Zidani Most and return on foot following the Aškerc trail or vice versa.