Adrenaline lovers can enjoy high altitude views on a tandem paragliding flight or take part in the paragliding school. Experienced flyers can enjoy the takeoff strips at Lisci, Kopitniku and Maliču.



When flying you have to follow the general Slovenian Republic airspace rules, as prescribed in the paragliding decree.


Društvo za jadralno padalstvo Metulj

Globoko 8, 3272 Rimske Toplice

Contact person: Jože Senica

  041 504 716 and 040 745 754

Kopitnik takeoff strip

Elevation: 850 m

Takeoff-landing elevation difference: 630 m

Landing: Rimske Toplice

Suitable wind direction: NW, N, NE, E

Takeoff GPS coordinates: 15°10’3”, 46°6’45”

Takeoff GPS coordinates: 15°11’42”, 46°7’29”

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Takeoff-landing elevation difference: 660 m

Elevation: 885 m

Landing: Jagoče, Laško

Suitable wind direction: S, SE

Takeoff GPS coordinates: 46.1822 15.2056

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Elevation 909 m

Takeoff-landing elevation difference: 720 m

Landing: Kompolje

Suitable wind direction: J, JV (S, SE)

Takeoff GPS coordinates: 46.0669 15.2836

Landing GPS coordinates: 46.0409 15.2578

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