Hiking traditions

March’s hike to Šmohor

When: March, on Joseph’s Sunday or Sunday closest to 19th of March Length: 6,4 km in one direction Duration: 2-3 hours Hikers from the Laško are have been enjoying this semi-demanding trail since 1982. It all starts at 8am in front of the Debro fire station and finished at Šmohor cabin (784 m) where you Več…

Traditional mayday hike and gathering on Šmohor

When: 1st of May, International Worker’s Day Length: 6,4 km in one direction Duration: 2-3 hours with day-long celebrations   International Worker’s Day celebration on Šmohor attracts more than two-thousand visitors every year. A marching band provides the festive atmosphere while the children can enjoy organised games and animation.

Rečica loop mountain trail

When: Last Saturday in June Length: 34,4 km Duration: 10 – 14 hours   The celebration of Rečica village community’s holiday takes you on a hike past the peaks above the picturesque Rečica valley full of natural beauty. The peaks include Govško brdo (811 m), Baba (789 m), Ostri vrh (855 m), Kal (985 m), Več…