In Laško, hikers, walkers and Nordic walkers can all found a suitable path. Recreational, thematic and natural history trails allow for multiple lengths and difficulty levels that fit individuals, families, young and old outdoor lovers. Organised group walks provide an unique and unforgettable experience!

B6 – The SREČNO Trail

A1 – Šmohor trail

A2 – Rečica loop mountain trail

A3 – Kopitnik trail I

A4 – Kopitnik trail II

A5 – Veliko Kozje trail I

A6 – Veliko Kozje trail II

A7 – Hum trail

A8 – Spa trail

B1 – Three churches trail

B2 – Trail Along the Old Laško’s Market Town Border

B3 – Aškerc trail

B4 – Trail from Slog to Log

B5 – Holy Trinity trail

C1 – Orion trail

C2 – Perkmandeljc educational forest trail

2 km test walk