Matjaž Guček, brewer

This July, while enjoying the Beer and Flowers Festival in the old town centre, please stop by the festival spot of Laško Brewers’ Society. There you will find 32 honorary members of both sexes – just enough to answer all of your questions about beer, Laško’s legendary drink, while offering you beer that we would only wish on a friend. Our society’s bar has been serving unfiltered and unpasteurised beer for some years now, slightly stronger, but still with a moderate alcohol content, for your own health benefits. With a bit of luck you could also hear us singing as part of our group Gambrinus, or witness any of the special surprises that we’re planning for the society’s 30th anniversary.



The holy days of the good and kind Laško

The start of Laško’s Beer and Flowers Festival is a holy day for me. The festival gives the brewers the opportunity to share our knowledge with numerous people. Many of them are regulars, that have been returning for a number of years. Among them, there is a group from Italy that now grew to a full bus of beer tasters. When I greet them, it’s easy to think that they are becoming proper ambassadors for Laško.

The festival also gives us the opportunity to thank our neighbours who bravely put up with the proceedings of a big festival in the old centre of a small town.


Green by the looks and by the making of beer

When there is an opportunity for it, Laško’s brewers are easily recognised by their attire. On it, you will find embroidered golden brewing tools like a copper cauldron, mixer and ladle, as well as a couple of our lilies. The white colour reminds me of foam that cannot be missing on an expertly poured pint of beer. Vest, specially shaped tie, socks and hat are green as the hops that are needed in order to produce a great beer. We are also green because of the recognisable colour of our brewery, as well as for the fact that our beer a is completely natural beverage. A few years ago, on a brewery tour, some wine connoisseurs asked me when and how we sulphurise the beer. Nowhere and never! Our beverage does not contain anything that is unnatural. In a month’s long process we achieve the taste and alcohol content with strictly natural ingredients and natural fermentation processes. The beer that you’ll drink at the festival would also go through this perfect process. Not to worry: the same amount of beer that is being poured during the Beer and Flowers Festival is packed and dispatched from the brewery to the market every hour!


With developed taste for all shades of beer 

As a member of the internal tasting team of Laško Brewery I can of course recognise all of our beers, even if you would pair them with similar ones from elsewhere. Before someone can become a beer taster, they must recognise the taste of water, that is equally important for the making of beer as all the rest of the ingredients. That is why you can trust my knowledge of all the shades of the unfiltered beer that will be enjoyed by the guests and ourselves during the festival period.

Besides this beverage I’m extremely passionate about our dark beer. In contrast to other dark beers it does not possess the charred, caramel quality, but rather has a proper beer sent and full flavour, even with its lower percentage of alcohol. As a quality controller I like to point to the difference between us and smaller breweries. It’s true that anyone can brew an interesting beverage but almost no one can do it twice the same. Our processes are so perfected, that our beer does not differ from batch to batch. That is our stamp of quality.



My Laško is also Laško for two

I have been born and raised in Laško and like to remember my childhood spent on the banks of Savinja river. Me and my wife celebrate our wedding anniversary around the time of the Beer and Flowers Festival. We are one of now 50 couples married at the traditional wedding ceremony. It’s an honour for me to now be the elder that guides the bride to the groom. I’m also happy with the fact that my daughter can’t wait to be part of Laško’s celebrations. At her ten years of age she can just about reach the beer tap and knows quite a bit about the town and brewing history. And those two are inseparably tied anyways! I would like for us to keep it that way. As a young lad I saw my future in brewing. I hope that young people today also think that they can connect their knowledge with brewing, without which Laško undoubtedly wouldn’t be what it is: a friendly and idilic spa and brewing town that I am extremely proud to call my home.


If you would like to find out more about Laško beer or life around here you know where to find me!

At Beer and Flowers Festival. At the Laško Brewers’ Society site. Just like the beer I’ll also be unfiltered and answer all of your questions.