BARBARA PENIČ, tourist guide, game master of  Unlock Laško and the creator of the Katrushka brand 

“Not all that you know is to be shared.” is a saying attributed to St. John of Nepomuk, whose finger rests on his lips also in Laško’s Savinja riverside chapel. I will admit to being talkative, but never to the extend where there’s nothing else for you to explore on your own! Since I started discovering new mysteries with international guests through the Unlock Laško game, my inspiration for new stories about my town seem to be blossoming. Let some of their heroes invite you for a visit!



Vicarage’s Fair Lady

If the full moon would shine on the 21st of June, this years midsummer night, a 22 year-old young man without sin, born in Sagittarius, could win over the vicarage’s fair lady, who rests on 40 chests of treasures under Hum hill.

Since the full moon will not appear this year, I, as a true local, will be able to invite you to discover the mysteries of the vicarage’s fair lady for years to come. What does she keep in her chests? Well, you know, not everything you know is to be shared. In a whisper, I can tell you that I’m sure that her treasures contain water, that Laško possesses in all its beautiful and healthy forms.


Hamlet from Laško

To be or not to be an explorer of Laško? That’s not even a question! The first translation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet into Slovene was undertaken in 1865 by Karl Šauperl in the local curacy, which is situated next to the church, connected to the Templars. Somewhere on the left side of the entrance you should be able to notice their secret markings. Can you? Not all that you know is to be shared! Go and explore.


Laško’s Michael  

Slovenia’s first printed book, Trubar’s Katekizem, would not have been published in 1550 without the help of a young man from Laško. Mihael Tiffernus, or Laško’s Michael as I like to call him, was a janissary, forgotten by the Turks and adopted by the Štih family. He was sent to school and became a counsellor to duke Christopher, as well as one of the biggest humanists of the middle ages. In Tubingen, he started a fund that co-financed students from Carniola and helped the protestants, as well as Trubar. Why was he known as Tiffernus? I’ll tell you when I see you on a ramble around Laško!


Rubis the horse

You can find our why Laško beer is named Goldhorn (Zlatorog), which is important for the Slovenian national identity, during a tour of the brewery or pint of beer, an essential for any tour of my city. Maybe it will be a bit more difficult to find out who was Rubis, the last quadruped worker in the Laško brewery.

Well, I’m always up for explaining, that even by 1957, the normal question to hear in Laško’s beer halls was if Rubis was already around today. If the answer was affirmative, the beer was ready to serve. It was distributed by the carthorse Rubis. I dream of a future beer hall in Laško dedicated to his name!


Laško’s street wanderer 

I like to discover the flow of the Savinja river and the nature of the sky above Laško in the company of our dog, Laško’s street wanderer. With the mixed-breed cur, we watch the running and sometimes rising waters of the Savinja river, head to Šmihel hill, where we can ring the wishing bell in the nearby chapel, or Krištof hill, which’s church hosts the oldest pipe organ in Slovenia. From time to time we also gaze at the sky, unable to see clouds in their fullest due to Laško’s position in a fairly narrow valley surrounded by beautiful hilltops. However, that does not stop some locals from having their head in the clouds!


Katrushka and the flirty housewives 

When I’m not a tourist guide or game master of Unlock Laško, the ideas for what I do come from the fairly unknown corners of the sky. A few years ago I depicted my favourite character, vicarage’s fair lady, in glass. Since, sooner than later, she’s gonna be saved from sitting on her chests, I now sow aprons that flirty housewives, who just like me, like romantic stories, can fill their chests with.



There is a new, truly Laško’s arrival to the Katrushka’s apron line. How can you tell? You know, not all that you know is to be shared! Some things must be seen with your own eyes. Experience Laško in your own way, by yourself, or in my company!