Boris Vrabec, a local with more than 5 million likes on his photos of Laško



As a photographer, I’m drawn to events such as the November’s St. Martin day in Laško, because of its colourfulness conjured up by the old traditions, and the moments that pass in a blink of an eye. At hikes, such as the November’s On Laško’s Old Town Borders, I like to capture well known viewing spots as well as the images of the hikers. I’m mostly known by my photographs of the city and the landscape. The Laško are offers great beauty to anyone who’s on the look for real motifs and most wonderful light.


When to take photos? At the sunrise…

The best photos are created just before the sunrise or in the ten minutes after it. In summer, that requires waking up early and heading to the designated spot. It’s easier in the autumn. Whoever heads out first, gets the most out of the day and the shoot.


Where to take photos? At the viewing points.

When you are in search of real motifs, you depart on a beautiful trail and end up with more than just a photo. For gorgeous panoramas, it’s worth climbing early to the peak of Hum, where I have, during sunrise, meet people from all over the globe, including Thailand and Lithuania. It requires a bit of time to find the rock with the best view. I also like going to Krištof, where the church of St. Christopher hosts the oldest pipe organ in Slovenia. Next to the church, there is a tree that always draws me in, as well as, in my opinion, the most beautiful view of Laško. There is also the Path of Three Churches, that leads to the accessible St. Michael, which sometimes appears as an island among the mist. If you’re up for a more serious hike, walk from Šmohor to Malič. The ridge offers great sunsets and, in good weather, views all the way to the Pannonian basin.


What to capture in the city? Look at the water surface…

Laško is a beautiful city. It’s squares, buildings, and the views from Tabor castle offer great photographs. The reflection of the town in Savinja river is my favourite. I gaze at it from the well maintained Spa trail. Near the bridge, I walk down to the river and catch the images on its surface. One of those photographs is also on the postcards of Laško.


How to take photos? The answer is always the same, with your heart.

I’ve always been a mountaineer and have been talking photos for the last 40 years. Yet, until I slowed down and observed with my hear, I did not notice this much beauty. I was conquering goals and photographing with technique. Now I walk slower, view things differently, and see more. I enjoy taking photos so the photographs are different to what they used to be.

The technique got even better. On allowed and uninhabited areas I also use a drone, since I’m excited by the new aerial perspectives. You can try it, but don’t do it in the city and don’t forget to follow the rules and regulations!


Have I yet captured everything? The answer is no.

For the people of Laško, I’m the one with the camera, when they meet me they ask: “Have you yet captured everything?” “No, not yet.”, is my answer. You can always see something new and there’s also the principle stating that in order to get a really good shot, you have to visit the same location at least 8 times. That’s however not what matters most to me. I like to find beauty in ordinary things and test myself in miserable light conditions. I love finding a tree, that I’ve passed many times, in new light. Laško is an extraordinarily beautiful city that surprises and inspires us with its landscape motifs in all seasons. I’m looking forward to the autumn, the On Laško’s Old Town Borders hike and of course St. Martins’s day, since this two events mark the month of November that can fill us with dreariness, if we don’t gaze at the beauty that is all around us.


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