Aida Husic Dahlen, Norwegian paralympian, two times European champion, recipient of silver and bronze medals at the world championships in table tennis, as well as more than 80 awards from various para table tennis tournaments, class 8


What crosses my mind when someone mentions Laško? Besides the 11 medals that’s I’ve won at the Slovenia Open Thermana Laško in the past ten years, to which I’ll probably add another one in May next year, I think about the fact that Laško makes me feel good. People are kind, the sports hall is excellent, the pools are great. It’s pretty, green and I, among other things, dance! At the end of the May tournament, there is dance music at the closing ceremony, where I can always find a boy that knows how to lead me in a beautiful pair dance 😀 Elsewhere, I’m usually in the natural process of catching the beat. I’m no Michael Jackson, of whom I’m a big fan off, but I almost poses his desire to dance!


It’s Like Returning Home

When thinking about Laško, I can also think about my home town of Kristiansand. Although they’re two very different cities they evoke a similar feeling. Kristiansand is my home, my parents, who adopted me when I was 6 (I was born in Sarajevo) are there and you know, when returning home, you’re always filed with that pleasant feeling. Besides Kristiansand, Laško is the only city that evokes that kind of joy: Yay, we’re going to Laško! Great. I’m looking forward to it! Although I must admit that I love to travel and thus don’t feel a particular sense of homesickness. I like to try local food, in Laško of course the Laško light beer, that I like. It goes well with my favourite dish – mousaka! And it would be great if I could have it, here in Laško, with my childhood friend from Kristiansand. Hey, Helen – look, for a change I’m saying hi from the Laško blog and not over Snapchat!


One Day I’ll Also Reach The Peak Of Hum Hill

In Laško, I like to walk by the river. Here it’s all always green with lots of flowers everywhere! Then I turn upwards towards the hill above the castle and think that I would like to reach its peak. Up until now there was no time for it as our schedule is really tight. Now, during preparations, we train from 9am till 11am and 4pm till 6pm, in between there is time for rest and study. I’m studying at the Norwegian School of Sport and leaning towards the area of coaching. Even though I started with table tennis relatively late, at 12, and played my first match at 18, I have now, at 29, a feeling that I have been in the sport for a long time and feel great in it. I like all the matches and travels and would like to stay in this world. Maybe I’ll be a coach in the future.


Because You Don’t Know If You Don’t Try!

When thinking about Laško, I can also think about the various aspects of disabled-friendly tourism. Here, we’re well taken care of. I also think that my colleagues on wheelchairs have no issues what soever, unlike other places. I can be sure of it based on my experience. The important thing is to have enough space, so you don’t struggle with entrances. People in Laško are well aware of that. I hope that this will also be the case in Japan where I’m heading next year for the 2020 paralympian games! From there, I want to return with a medal. Yes, I like to reach the top. And I believe that everyone can reach one of theirs! To anyone and everyone who thinks that they’re unable to do something because of their disability, I would like to say that it’s important to try. Too many times someone thinks that they are not able to do something before they try it. You don’t know if you don’t try.

As a usually happy girl, that was lucky enough to try out things like modelling, because of sports 😀 (I had the honour of representing the outfit of our olympic group) and have travelled extensively, as well as have been the ambassador of STIFTELSEN VI foundation, who advocates for higher life quality of disabled people, I sometimes want to scream: Just try it!


Greetings from Laško to everyone, that it up for trying something new!

I’ll see you in May next year. Maybe even on Hum hill!

And up until then at https://www.instagram.com/aida_dahlen/.


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