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Thermal water springs have always attracted crowds seeking health and wellbeing. The ancient Romans knew the soothing effects of thermal water springs. It is believed that they did not exactly know why but they felt good when they soaked their bodies in the warm water after fights and parties and then relaxed under the expert hands of masseurs.

Today, nearly two thousand years later, nothing has changed. There’s nothing better than diverse therapies in the healing thermal water. Unlike the old Romans, we now know the reason why.

The temperature of the healing water of Laško and Rimske Toplice at the spring varies from 34 – 38 °C and it contains from 370 to 430 mg dissolved different minerals, mostly magnesium, sodium, potassium cations and hydrogen carbonate anions.

Laško thermal water has a temperature, which is optimal for the organism and contains a variety of minerals. What is more, it forms beautiful crystals, which show that our healing water provides strong life energy, has a beneficial effect on people and their mental health and creates balance between body and soul.

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